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I'll stop his plan
His evil plan
A Montague will never take
My love from me

I'm jealous, yes
At his success
But only I know
How the story's end will be

I can't conceal
The way I feel
It time to do what I must do

She doesn't know
I love her so
A cousin isn't meant
To carry on this way

I won't allow the boy
To ever touch her skin
I'm ready for the fight
That I alone can win

It's today
It's today
My life starts from today

The day when he takes his last breath
The day when he shakes hands with death
My sword will pierce
His cowardly heart
I'll bury him deep
From tomorrow me and Juliet will not be apart

I long to see
Her look at me
The way she looks at him
But that will happen soon

We'll talk and we will touch
We will laugh and drink too much
My dream will come true
Before the mid-night moon

It's today
It's today
My life starts from today

Soon as his body's laid to rest
My love for her will be expressed
I'll say the things that I never dare
It's my turn to enjoy
All of the things that she and Romeo share
(It's today) I'll dance upon his grave
(It's today) A lighting thrust, it will be over
I'll restore my family's honour

I'll make him pay for her weak ways
I'm coming for you
You've no place to hide
Romeo, it's your last day
Tonight as we kiss
You will be heading for hell

Well, look who's here! The princess of dueling.

I'm not after you, Mercutio. It's your lover I want.

Ooh, my lover! You mean your mother? Oh, I left her down by the canal...

I want Romeo!

Well, Romeo's my blood brother. So the man you're really looking for is me!

Where is Romeo Montague?

I'm here, Tybalt.

Be a man, will you, and come here

Tybalt, I don't want to fight you.

Shut up, Romeo!

Mercutio, stop!

Look, I'm doing this for you. Tybalt, you're mine.

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