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Control. Control. Re-run of championship on downhill course.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
It's Greaseball Electra, Bobo and Rusty as they come down
from the high level and Electra passes the champion. Bobo
passes the champion. Something's holding the champion back.
It's Pearl, and the champion doesn't like that one bit.
Oh, no- he's uncoupled Pearl. We have a runaway.
Pearl's heading for the edge and Rusty saves her.
That was courageous. The champion's racing solo. That's
not allowed. Not for long. Greaseball takes Ashley and Bobo's
out of it. Back at the high level now with Electra leading
and the champion is second. It looks like Rusty's bid has
failed. Can't anyone take the electric superstar? Can the
champion come back? It's Electra and the champion disputing
the lead. Rusty comes through. Electra zaps the champion.
They're out of control. Look out, they're gonna crash!
Rusty is the champion. Against all the odds,
Rusty is the champion. Rusty for lap of honour.

I must find Pearl. I must find Pearl.
I must find Pearl. I must find Pearl.

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