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Control. Control. Heat Two. Trains to your tracks.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Trains gone!
They've set out for the second heat and Poppa's in back and struggling.
He's on the crossing. Look out Poppa! Leaping Locomotives!
Still Bobo with Turnov pressing in second but Bobo wastes the Russian.
Hey Bobo, you lost you coach! That puts Rurhgold in the lead but
Turnov's not having any! It's Turnov the Russian who leads.
Ouch, Poppa shows Turnov he still packs a punch!
Poppa's taken the lead but Dustin goes wide letting Rurhgold through.
It's Rurhgold, Turnov, Bobo and Poppa coming out of the high level.
And Rurhgold stops - this is getting mean!
Bobo goes though to take the lead. Poppa's turning on the power,
they approach the tunnel. The old guy does it!
The winner of heat two: Poppa McCoy with Bobo in second place.
Poppa and Bobo have a place in the final.

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