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Oh boy - here comes trouble. It's the reigning champion

It's Greaseball, Greaseball, Greaseball the Diesel.
Choose me Greaseball, race with me.

Back off girls - he's mine.

Here comes the Diesel train, with the steel refrain.
Hear me knocking.
The diesels on it's way, it's gonna win the day.
Hear me knocking.
Listen to the chatter of the diesel force,
Generating twenty seven hundred horse.
Cam shafts rolling, while the rockers, rock.
Now hear me knock.

See me hustle, feel my muscle,
Pumping iron,
Trying to build my body, trying to loose my mind.
See me straining, I'm in training.
Pumping iron.
I'm a diesel engine,
I'm knocking, I'm knocking, I'm knocking.
I'm pumping iron.

Well he's the one they'll choose.
You know he just can't loose,
Hear him knocking.
There ain't another rig
That's even half as big.
Hear him knocking.
Everybody's gonna say "that train is smart"
The mighty diesel engine is a work of art.
The undisputed leader of the Rolling Stock.

Now see me rock.

Greaseball & Coaches:
See me hustle, feel my muscle,
Pumping iron,
Stretching me bullworker.
I'm heaving on my weights.
See me flex my delts and pecs
I'm pumping iron.
I'm a diesel engine.
Hey, I'm knocking, you know I'm knocking,
Said I'm knocking. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Heading for the rally (heading for the rally)
Gonna win the first race (gonna win the first race)
I'm gonna run the longest,
The biggest and the strongest.
I'm knocking, said I'm knocking, you know I'm knocking.

Well - I'm so beautiful,

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