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Pearl & Coaches:
Whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo - nobody can do it like a steam train.
Whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo - everybody's waiting for their dream train.

I know him when I see him,
For long before I see him,
I will hear the far off signal,
I will hear the distant call.
And then he'll whistle at me,
He'll send a note to woo me,
He'll whistle at me,
I'm gonna hitch him to me.
Some day soon he'll whistle at me,
That's how I'll recognize him
And maybe I will whistle at him -
That should surprise him.
Don't give me insistent humming,
Horns and bells and distant drumming,
I want steam that's under pressure
As it rises to a scream.
Somebody whistle at me
I'm all anticipation,
I need someone to whistle at me,
I'm waiting at the station.
Come on, somebody whistle at me -

I'm longing to be near him.
I need someone to whistle at me -
I'll know him when I hear him.
Oooh. He'll whistle at me.

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