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It's not enough to say I knew you
It's not enough to say I loved you
I'm coming to you
Wait there, my love

It's not enough to live with memories
It's not enough to relive every moment
I want more my love
If we're born to live together
Then we're born to die together

God knows why
I've lost you
I don't know why something like this should happen
I just want to forget all my sorrow
Being with you can ease my pain
I'm afraid of being apart
It's too much for my heart

God knows why
I've lost you
Why so many pleasures will be denied us
We've never danced in the rain
We've not laughed in the sun
The music just stopped when it had just begun
Wait there, Juliet, I'll soon be with you
Far from this world

God knows why
It's over
I don't care
The reasons don't matter
I'm too tired to go on
All I live for has gone
But we'll meet in the sky
So I'll not say goodbye
I'll be with you soon
And we'll dance on the moon
Beyond the stars

It worked! I'm here. I'm here, Romeo, Friar Lawrence has done it! Come on, wake up, we have to go. Romeo, say something! Look at me! I'm alive!

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