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How does one begin to say
All the dreams you dreamed died today?
Your visions of a perfect life are over
How on earth do I find the words that will somehow ease your pain?
Help me, God, where do I start?
Why must I destroy my best friend's heart?

We were once kings of the world
We just laughed our way through those carefree years
In a way, I wish they had never met
Wish that I could bring back Juliet
That can't be
No, that can't be

I can't do this
I can't do this
I will not break the news, this tragic news
He should be told by a priest
Someone who is old and wise
Who can find the reason why
Someone so young just dies

I can't do this
And yet I know
I must do this

Mercutio, where is your ghost?
How dare you die when I need you most?
Everything we ever did, we did together
I cannot do this on my own
Sorry, I'm not made that way
Do I say that time will heal
That he will live through this ordeal?

What if I break down and cry?
That would be the worst thing I could do
I don't trust myself, I will get it wrong
I'm too close a friend, I'm not that strong
No, not me
It can't be me

I can't do this
I can't do this
I know how I would be if he told me
I would drink myself to sleep
And I'd pray I'd never wake
That way I'd never hear
The scream a heart can make
I must do this
God give me strength
And I'll do this

I can't do this
I must do this
I know I am the one, the only one
We are still kings of the world
And that's where we'll always be
He knows how much I love him
It's best he hears from me
I must do this
I will do this
I must do this
I must do this

Benvolio! Here! Something's happened. What's wrong? It's her...

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