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Lord Capulet
I have been blessed, why should this be?
Why have the gods looked down on me?
Her girlish laugh, her open ways
They invade my nights and light my days
My Juliet so sweet, so small
A smile that could make giants fall
The greatest joy I'll never know
Is knowing she still loves me so
I can't believe

She came from me, she came from me
Hard to believe she came from me
I live for her, I die for her
I am so proud and yet I fear
This angry world will get too near

This world is filled with selfish men
Who turn girls' heads time and again
I know it's time to set her free
But letting go is hard for me
The time has come

These days she wears a painted face
Her heart beats at a faster pace
Another man has come and captured her
He's so polite, he calls me sir
I've welcomed him, that's what you do
I tell myself he loves her too
No one will see what I go through

She is a joy, she is a curse
The ruler of my universe
If Paris lets her down, he wouldn't dare
If he breaks her heart I'll break him I swear
I'll live in her when I am gone
To think that I will still live on
How can it be she came from me

A gift from God, a precious prize
I stare and can't believe my eyes
I watched her grow and grow and grow
There's one thing I will never know, how can it be

She came from me

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