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I have cared for her
Each day of her young life
The baby in my arms
Is soon to be a wife
She isn't of my flesh
She doesn't share my name
Her humour and her looks
Aren't something I can claim
My Juliet is grown up

And now she is in love
And everything has changed
Her feelings and her hair
Have all be re-arranged
And while her heart bursts
Mine's starting to break
I am only her nurse
So why do I find this so hard to take?
She's eager to fly
But oh, how fragile her wings
But then she's in love

Wide-eyed Romeo
And love-struck Juliet
It seems their love was doomed
Before they even met
Their worlds are worlds apart
Too much of a divide
Her heart is bound to break
If she becomes his bride
Juliet, I'm frightened

But she is so in love
And every day's a dance
And good old common sense
Doesn't stand a chance
I've done all I can
What more can I do?
When I was in love like her
I was foolish too...
So eager to fly
Oh how fragile my wings
But then, I was in love

The air I was breathing then
Was like vintage wine
And the darkest of nights
Still managed to shine
The love disappeared
The memory stayed
There's still a glimmer alive in me
That will never fade

I know how she feels
She's eager to fly
But then she's in love

Now she is in love

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