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The Prince
If you think you've seen it all
Then you better think again
Don't care how many books you've read
Or how many lands you've seen
You're still not prepared for this
Don't be misled by pretty girls
Or flower gardens everywhere
You'll soon see what I mean

The family called Capulet
Will not forgive and can't forget
And the family called Montague
Is as unforgiving too

This is Verona
You're in Verona
Where hatred is a way of life
And you can cut it with a knife
The hate keeps flowing in their veins
It is more powerful than chains
And they are scared to turn their backs
It isn't prudent to relax

Not in Verona
Charming Verona
The population is unique
Nobody turns the other cheek
When will they get it in their heads?
That dreams will never leave their beds
Until there is some compromise
And peace illuminates the skies
Of Verona

On the surface all is well
Heaven on earth it would appear
A second look and you'll see hell
It's no picnic to live here
Maybe the wound's too deep and raw
Archaic wounds take long to heal
And Montagues and Capulets
Seem to thrive on their ordeal

What tragic price must we pay
For bad blood to be washed away?
It's all too sad to contemplate
And it's all because of hate

In my Verona
Perfect Verona
Two families with an ancient grudge
That all their praying cannot budge
An endless battle of two foes
And neither one can find repose
As families swim against the tide
You'll meet some people who reside

In Verona
In Verona
This one is called Benvolio
And that's his friend Mercutio
And here comes Tybalt like a god
It's been like this since he was born
But in this town I am the law
It's tough 'cause everyone's at war

He's mad, we are the law here

We are too wild to be controlled

I am too brave, I am too bold

Do you bite your thumb, Tybalt?

Does it look like a thumb, Mercutio?

I'll cut it off, you bastard

We're in Verona
Come to Verona
The population is unique
Nobody turns the other cheek
The hate keeps flowing in our veins
Hate is more powerful than chains
No wonder danger's in the air
The enemy is everywhere!

Stop this endless brawling! You fight like mad dogs. You, Capulet! You, Montague! Put down your weapons. I said, put down your weapons! This feud of yours is a plague upon us all. The next one of you, young or old, to break the peace of this city will pay for it with his life. The choice is yours: peace or death.

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